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The Carp Celtic Jam is a weekly session that started in September 2004. It was inspired by the Ottawa Celtic Slow Jam, which has been running successfully in the Glebe (Ottawa) for over 20 years. The Carp Jam is for Celtic musicians of all levels and ages who want to play with others, whether you play by ear/memory or from sheet music. 

The Jam has a philosophy of flexibility and respectfulness, which creates a relaxed, pressure-free, criticism-free atmosphere for musicians of all skill levels to come and play for fun, socializing and personal improvement on their instruments.

A person selects a tune or set and starts it at whatever pace they want to play it at. Then the next person chooses, and so on around the circle until the end of the session.

We have a broad range of levels in the group, from nearly beginner through to semi-professional. To accommodate this range without intimidating the beginners or boring the advanced musicians, there are no "rules" about how fast or slow to play a tune/set. The group respects the pace that has been set for a tune and does not deliberately try to speed it up or slow it down. 

Tune Book

We play from a tune book which can be downloaded in printable or tablet-friendly format. 

Attendance is not mandatory. Show up only when it's convenient for you. 

You choose to pay either a $20 membership fee for a given three-month period or $3 per Monday that you attend---it depends on how often you think you'll come out. Note: All money collected is used to pay for the room rental. 

What do I bring

A music stand and a stand for your instrument(s) (yes, you may wish to play more than one during the evening).


What instrument can I play?

Any and all, percussion included. Traditional instruments include: fiddle, mandolin, bodhran, tin whistle, flute, banjo, accordion, guitar, autoharp, piano/keyboard, concertina, cello, bass.

Can I come to watch and listen?

Of course! All are welcome to come and enjoy the music. There is no charge to be a spectator.


→December 4, 2023 Due to poor weather conditions, the jam is canceled for this evening.

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